Regal Glow Moisturizer and Massage Oil Bahama Breezing

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Your body is a temple, keep it moisturized with Earth’s natural oils. 

Fragrance: Bahama Breezing is our fresh and clean scent; subtle yet elegant, like a cool breeze.

Usage: for all skin types, body, face, hair, beard and nail cuticles. Moisturizer and massage oil known to improve muscle relaxation, skin aging, and hair hydration.

Directions: massage liberally on body, hair, beard, or nail cuticles for a moisturized glow that lasts all day.

Ingredients: 100% African Shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, alcohol free fragrances and/or essential oils 

Keep away from children

If product gets into eyes rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Store in a cool dark place

For external use only